Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Secret Beyond Brain Boys

Make the difference between boys and girls according to the structure and function of the brain did not mean to classify them in terms of gender alone. But, aware of both the natural differences to help you find the right formula to give lessons and instruction on your kids.
"That's because blood flow to the brain boys not only fewer, but also designed segmented"
- Michael Gurian
Based on the observations of some of the secrets behind the girl's brain, Michael Gurian concludes, that is perfectly understandable that girls are more proficient in reading and writing business. Well, what about the boys?
 "That's because blood flow to the brain boys not only fewer, but also designed segmented"

Gurian, in his book Boys and Girls Learn differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents, said that the brain structural differences between boys and girls are playing a major role and influence the learning patterns of their brain works each. However, the fact that the difference secata absolutely does not apply in all cases and there is nothing worse than all the difference.
Like the girl's brain, brain boy had a mystery. Gurian says, because the area more korteksnya used as special functions of mechanical, boys would prefer to move objects, ranging from the ball, toys, or even their own hands and feet.

Brain in boys not only have less serotonin, but also oxytocin or a substance binding. This substance which, according to Gurian cause boys to be more impulsive, which is clearly contrary to the attitude of women, who can sit quietly confide to her friend.
Gurian concludes, a daughter perform better in dual tasks or multitasking, and that is transition. In contrast, boys are not, because their brains are set up to reform and reorientation after previously had to go through stages of rest (rest).
"This is the real difference is easy to see. This is because blood flow to the brain boys not only fewer, but also designed segmented," he said.

No wonder, says Gurian, boys asleep easily. In girls, the renewal stage need not be through the rest, so they rarely sleepy.

Gurian adds, the brain boys tend to be more appropriate to recognize symbols, the forms of abstraction, diagrams, pictures and objects moving than the words monotonous. For a boy, will lecture diartikannya method as a break.

For that, Gurian concludes, the mysteries that lie behind a child's brain the secret of these men will cause them:

-more superior in Mathematics and Physics, especially when the subject was taught in the abstract in front of the class

-more interested in the games (games) than women

-easy to get into trouble because of their impulsive

easy or quick-bored

-not able to be a good listener

-not diligently fulfill the duties

less suitable verbal learning during this often happens in classrooms (school) put forward a more conventional learning patterns in one direction.
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