Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Secret Beyond Brain Girl

Different brain structures between boys and girls really played a big influence on learning and work patterns of their brains each, though in fact the difference is not absolute secata apply in all cases.

The statement was made by Michael Gurian in his book Boys and Girls Learn differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents. He explains, based on observations of positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) which breaks down the structure with great detail the brain, the brain has two distinct learning systems from each other.
Gurian and unmasked differences based on his observations. And, the first focus of the attention is the brain child of mysterious women. Some of the secret behind the girl's brain according to among others:

- Corpus callosum or other link between the brain tissue in women average higher by 25% at the time of puberty. This allows terjadikan cross-communication in the brain that makes them often communicate their own.

- Having a more powerful connectors in lobes or one part of the brain. Benefits of this connector allows a girl to save memory in more detail and sensuality have the ability to hear and distinguish the tone better. No wonder, they are more skilled in working on written assignments.

- Have the hippocampus or memory storage area in a larger brain. This is very beneficial for children's learning abilities of women, especially for language lessons.

- In addition to more active, the prefrontal cortex or other brain parts of a female child was also developed early. This tends to make girls do not impulsive.

- The women are more easily manage emotions and speech, because they are more likely to use cortical areas.

Based on observations from some of the secrets behind the girl's brain, Gurian concludes, of course very understandable if girls are more able to read and write. It can be proved in girls since they were toddlers, and all age adults.

Reading and writing will not be difficult for a girl. They can sit quietly any longer, to hear and recognize the tone of voice, and talking to himself.

On the other hand, the volume of blood flow to the brain more women 15 percent of the male brain, it was very encouraging their brains dengam easily through the processes of stimulation, reading and writing, which involves texture, tone, and mental activity well.
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