Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Security Issues Business Inhibitors

Entering the third month this year 2010, Symantec started to see some 2010 security predictions come true. In the early decades of this new, cyber criminals continue to seek new ways to attack and the sophisticated consumer and enterprise. Here are 10 facts that are serious about security can not be ignored in 2010:
1. Cyber attacks disadvantage Many of the Company. 75% large companies suffer from cyber attacks in the last 12 months, with average losses reached U.S. $ 2 million per year.
2. Global Shifting Spam. Asia Pacific and Japan and South America took over the position of North America and EMEA as a source of spam tersebesar
3. The order of the Supreme Evil Activities List. China ranks the highest in malicious activity, reaching 25% of the total worldwide. 

4. Credit cards are the best-selling Trading. Credit card information is the most commonly advertised to be traded in the underground economy, reaching 18% of all goods and services.
5. Becoming Banks Phishing targets. 76% brands used in phishing attacks in 2010 are in the financial sector.
6. Traditional Missing Spam, Scam Appears to Target Special. The total number of scam and phishing messages reaching 21% of all spam, is the highest since 2007.
7. Encouraging New Agenda attack. Earthquake in Haiti has increased the volume of a scam and phishing messages when spammers use these tragic events to their advantage.
8. The Cyber Criminals Follow the Most. In Asia Pacific and Japan, the largest web-based attacks in October-December 2009 related to the Microsoft ® Internet Explorer ® ADODB.Stream Object File Installation Weakness which reached 41% of total attacks.
9. A New Platform for the growing popularity will encourage the attack. When searching the term iPad increases, attacks SEO (search engine optimization) and phishing observed during the launch of the Apple iPad.
10. The Cyber Criminals Steal Information, Not Infrastructure. Reported intellectual property theft is the biggest loss among the cyber world of business in Singapore.
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