Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Released, Lumia 800 Jump To Repair

New Released, Lumia 800 Jump To Repair. Nokia recently launched Nokia Lumia 800 for Southeast Asia, the first time in Singapore on Wednesday (12/09/2011). Despite the fanfare of its release have not been exhausted, without a protective screen aling Nokia issued a software update for the smartphone.

As we know, a software update will be released if there is a known bug or a feature additions. The impression gained when a new product released, then immediately gets update is a product that's not 100 percent ready to be launched.

Quite a lot of applications that will be affected by an update on the latest series of mobile phones that use the operating system is Windows Phone Mango. Nokia denied that the software update is due to products not yet ready to be on the market, but the Finnish vendor wants the performance and usability of this software could be better than ever.

Update this time provide improvements in the process of charging, increasing the voice message notification features to increase the ability of e-mail to Microsoft Exchange 2003 is better.

Nokia parties mentioned at the beginning of the year 2012, there will also update the software again to increase the ability of the phone functions better than ever.
New Released, Lumia 800 Jump To Repair. New Released, Lumia 800 Jump To Repair.
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