Sunday, December 11, 2011

Facebook Explains How to Work Tracking in His site

In an interview, Facebook reveals his views on the practice of tracking data. As is known, is often criticized the social networking associated with privacy issues. For the first time, Facebook reveal specific details about how they track and get user data.

As reported by Digital Trends, Friday (18/11/2011), first, up to determine the different types of cookies to be inserted in the user's browser, depending on their activity.

For example, when a person registering an account, he will get a session cookie and browser cookies. If not, he just got a browser cookie. Tracking data begins when the user first visited Facebook.

After this, whenever a user to access third party sites that have a connection with Facebook - such as the Share button or the Like, cookies will tell you up on time and address of the user accessed the site.

"Tracking also includes the unique characteristics in the browser and the PC such as IP address, screen resolution, operating system and browser version," said Engineering Director Arturo Bejar.

He mentioned, Facebook continues to monitor all activities of a user visits a webpage for 90 days, remove the old entries and add new ones. Facebook can even do tracking if a user is not logged in, and find out what sites are accessible to the user when they are not accessing Facebook but Facebook claims to have never done. Facebook Explains How to Work Tracking in His site
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